Surprisingly, many millennials in India showed a fondness for owning a business or establishing a startup in the last couple of years. As Forbes defines it, with COVID, the rise of entrepreneurship in the Indian economy came from professionals despising the 9-5 repetitive job routine. They ascertained their worth in owning a venture on an idea they wanted to expand.

The decent demography of young professionals is sure about their choice to invest in an idea that clearly shows their interest and skill. Hence, they would think about beginning with entrepreneurship training to get a detailed insight into how to manage things and look from the perspective of a business owner. Unfortunately, it isn’t just any training program that helps an individual cultivate business ethics; a lot of studies, observation, and experience go hand in hand.

India has transformed into an economy of Side Hustles which promises more than just money. It makes aspiring leaders growth-hungry, eventually putting the seed of doubt on their role as a full-timer. Every GenZ who wants to scratch this entrepreneurial itch badly requires guidance from an appropriate entrepreneurship training program and books.

Books complementing the Entrepreneurship Training program

Running an organization demands the ability to take on challenges and very swiftly take on more than one role. Managing finances, looking at production, acting as a marketing strategist, and bringing in new clients— an entrepreneur has to deal with every unique domain in their business. In this journey of honing skills and discovery of an entrepreneur, books speak directly to the thoughts.

Myriad of resources and portals online claim to assist a newly-turned business owner on the block with nuances and values of building a brand. However, the best entrepreneur books prepare the vulnerable mind with a new piece of information that smoothens the bumpy journey of a business owner, helping keep a calm front in the face of crisis.

When part of a well-designed entrepreneurship development program, you will be introduced to a list of the best books written from an entrepreneur’s perspective. Hence, they complement the journey of a business owner in the making.

So here are these five must-read books for Entrepreneurs that lay the luminary path for every aspiring and new leader to become the brain behind a successful venture.

The $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau

Anything you love and believe could turn profitable because it is the right market fit is a perfect $100 startup. This is precisely what Guillebeau preaches in the book. The author states that luck does not have to explain your business’s success rate—entrepreneurs who believe in seizing the opportunity and striving to do better always excel. And the venture does not have to initially turn into a million-dollar success project. As he says, it could be as low as one invested on lattes last year. The only thing that should be a driving force is a constant state of creativity and love for the idea. Any good entrepreneurship training program would aim to teach you what this author shares as a perspective.

The Psychology of Selling by Brian Tracy

Every entrepreneurship development program aims to help you improve how to be a good salesperson. This is one reason this book should be part of the learning process. Selling a business idea to investors and taking it down the funnel for leads to become customers is a pantomime. Brian Tracy asks you to focus on the person you are selling.

Thinking, Fast & Slow, by Daniel Kahneman

Entrepreneurship demands a calm demeanor, effective decision-making, and substantial control over emotions. An entrepreneur is responsible for managing operations and directing everyone towards the path that leads to the vision they saw. And Daniel Kahneman describes the odds of an entrepreneur being successful on two abilities of the mind— Thinking fast connected with the emotional system and thinking slow with the logical approach. That’s how decisions are made to build a successful venture or be generally successful in life. It rightly gives way to thinking about the mistakes of an entrepreneur.

Books are a doorway to knowledge, ideas, creativity, and sound thinking. All of this makes it easier for an entrepreneur to stand firm and stride towards the possibility of stronger business roots, better decisions and climbing up the ladder of success. At MIDAS, we teach a budding entrepreneur to define a course of strategic action and learn from real-life entrepreneurs who made it big. So if you seek a strong entrepreneurship training program, now is the time to reach us.