We all have a heart’s desire and passion for fulfilling a dream. Some of us chase it by working hard day and night and go back to sleep with eyes filled with a glimmer of hope. While others just want to keep their lid shut and continue dreaming because they do not have what it takes to fulfill that passion. Everyone is passionate about something.

An aspiring musician is passionate about composing his music, a writer is passionate about stories that become their own, and an entrepreneur is passionate about making their venture successful. But is it enough to only want something so sincerely and do nothing to achieve it? Doesn’t a dream ask one to have some set principles and values to be successful and humble simultaneously? That’s probably the reason why everyone doesn’t dare to dream.

It is a given that being an entrepreneur requires immense strength and the ability to bear failure without losing your mind. However, few other qualities determine whether or not you are cut to be an entrepreneur. Every new business owner gets to hear—Follow your passion, and the world will be on its feet. No one says desire doesn’t suffice the requirement

Building a million-dollar empire does not always happen with passion alone because that just oversimplifies a series of events in the life of an entrepreneur. So here is what every aspiring entrepreneur or newborn business owner should understand about building a successful business:

Goal-Oriented desires help a business survive

A goal drives every business. A goal is to cross small milestones and reach the bigger ones. So being determined by passion does not always redirect one towards a goal. One might want to open a business venture as part of the immediate vision. Still, if there is a lack of understanding about the purpose and long-term goal which would drive the firm’s functioning, it can never become a successful and sustainable business.

The required Skill & Expertise to offer value

It is a strong possibility that one has a passion for running a business in a specific domain, but they have no expertise or understanding of how it is done. One can be good at many things, but before turning it into a full-time profession, it is essential to ask specific questions like, Do I know how to take it forward in the long run? Is there a significant difference between doing something because we like it and doing it strategically to bring value? That’s one reason to explore resources and courses which teach not just being an entrepreneur but what it would mean to become one like Transcend. 

Determination to keep Going

The fact that business entrepreneurship is hard is worth repeating. There are always days when a client ghosts you or an employee objects to specific laws or refuses to abide by a work policy. The problems never end. But at the end of the tunnel, there would be light in the form of success and revenue waiting. So having passion would not always give determination, especially if you do not see any results of your hard work. Patience, perseverance, and competency would play a vital role in the long run.

Being Creative

The world of business demands one to be creative in ways where fewer resources do not affect the efficiency of a brand. Meanwhile, the market is packed with competitors spending loads on building a brand image. You have to move beyond passion, determine the scenario and be creative in utilizing the commodities available to your business in the present and bring out the best result.

Final takeaway

Entrepreneurship shouldn’t always be based on passion alone. There has to be a sound understanding of the possible hardships that are to come, being calm, and choosing a purpose-driven path to run a business. Being a business owner is more about knowing interests that certainly catch up to the skills to build a successful firm, and that’s what MIDAS teaches its aspiring entrepreneurs through the module Transcend.

It helps students understand how critical it is to know themselves. Being able not only to recognize but also synthesize one’s interests, desires, skills, and network is a vital building block for all entrepreneurs. So, it imparts how to be passionate and empathetic through the project called Humans of MIDAS, which aims at preparing entrepreneurs more than just business. It facilitates the idea of bringing a business leader’s creative and impactful side.