The first stage of the program helps each student to think creatively and generate innovative ideas for products/services through real time activities. This enables them to create entrepreneurial opportunities for themselves

Learning Goal : Identify and create entrepreneurial opportunities and generate possible business ideas for your future Start-up or ideas to expand your Family Business.


Transcend is a course for creating leaders for impact, agility and ethics which focuses on understanding key strengths and leveraging them for high performance. This course enables you to understand yourself better through your most important people and environments in which you operate. It provides self-development tools which are mapped and analysed for best performance in all aspects of life. Humans of MIDAS is a capstone project of this module. It is a practical way to incorporate empathy, the key to being an entrepreneur in the real world.

Critical thinking is skilled and active interpretation and evaluation of observation and communication, information and argumentation. Enhanced critical and creative thinking skill  helps entrepreneurs in recognizing opportunity, formulating the best possible idea, examining its viability and looking at the big picture.

Critical Thinking


Creativity allows you to thrive in an ever changing world and opens up numerous possibilities. With enhanced creativity instead of problems you see potential, instead of obstacles you see opportunities and instead of challenges you see a chance to create breakthrough solutions. This is the reason Creativity is of utmost importance to an entrepreneur. The students are introduced to key concepts in innovation, how to harness individual and group creativity, methods of generating and recognizing ideas and building an environment that fosters innovation in organizations.

Markets and Environment

This course aims to cover all important aspects of marketing that will assist the students in their idea generation process which includes introduction to marketing, consumer behaviour, services marketing and marketing mix. The idea validation phase would include topics like Segmentation, targeting and digital marketing for students to better understand the depths of marketing. Brand management is taught in the incubation phase where the student entrepreneur has the idea at hand, and is ready to understand how to create a brand out of it.

Understanding the “Economic” side of an efficient business decision making process. The course consists of both Micro-Economics & Macro-Economics. This helps the students understand the entire Economic side to the business with both modern tools being covered under Micro Economics & external factors being covered by Macro Economics.

Entrepreneurial Economics

Financial accounting is the language of business. It is important to companies of any size. For small business owners, the importance of financial accounting is sometimes overlooked. By understanding how useful financial accounting is to a business the entrepreneur can ascertain the financial results for the accounting period and the position of assets and liabilities on the last day of the period. It helps to keep a complete record of the financial transactions.

Business Finance

Entrepreneurial Strategy – Effectuation

The aim of the course is to give students a basic exposure & understanding of Entrepreneurship and Leadership in Entrepreneurial ventures. This requires not only hands on case study solving but a comprehensive understanding of what makes first generation Entrepreneurs effectual reasoners

Outbound Activities are the most exciting part of becoming an entrepreneur at MIDAS and is superior to many other providers of entrepreneurship courses in India. Through this, you get to interact with real business owners and their teams across industries like retail, F&B, education, travel, beauty, IT, logistics etc, meet their team, understand in depth about the market trends. This part of the exercise also enables you to talk to customers, decision makers in purchasing, to understand the nuances of the real market in which entrepreneurship thrives.

Outbound Activities

Entrepreneurial Process