Going by the words of Huffington Post’s Co-founder, Arianna Huffington, “One of the greatest leadership skills is being unflappable. Anytime you do anything in the world, there will be criticism.”
We are part of an economy where proficiency in speaking English defines the ability to be successful, intelligent, and confident. The corporate world intertwines the idea of skills with fluently communicating in a language that isn’t our first tongue. But how should we weigh the abilities of a good leader?
According to Economic Survey 2021-22, India is home to 61,400 startups, of which 14000 are recognized during the Fiscal year 2022. It defines the creative brains residing in India and their determination to introduce innovative means. Unfortunately, many are eliminated from the race based on whether or not they can proficiently speak English.

Communication is the key factor that assists an entrepreneur in steering the ship of their brand in the right direction. It sets clear expectations and aid in shaping the ideas that define the business objective correctly. But an excellent school of Entrepreneurship always determines leadership as a superior skill set for an entrepreneur to reach the mountain cliff.

Knowing Important Languages is good, But what’s more?

India promptly embraced its colonizers’ language after tasting the flavor of independence. However, it wasn’t before globalization that it became a part of one’s personality. As a result, new entrepreneurs are under pressure to learn the art of making connections through communication, especially in the post-pandemic economy where the world has turned virtual.

All the future entrepreneurs groomed at the best entrepreneurs institute are taught the language of entrepreneurship through analyzing the nuances that would make their business successful. Corporate jargons create a massive impact during networking. Regardless, when connecting with people, emotions and the ability to listen to their opinions and issues is a true talent.

Not every B-School would define an entrepreneurial journey based on complex language instruction and baseless presentations. Instead, the best program for entrepreneurs would teach the real meaning of being a leader. Too many startups compete in the market, and every entrepreneurial force gets a brief time to convey their value and ideas to investors, clients, and customers. So learning important languages wouldn’t contribute if the brain behind a business lacks direction and the ability to lead.

So what would the best school of entrepreneurship teach beyond knowing business English? Here is what:

Know what to say

Knowledge of jargon and English, close to Shashi Tharoor’s vocabulary, would not make you a good leader. Entrepreneurs who are good leaders would always know what to say rather than focusing on how they would say it. They are more concerned about the concreteness of their idea, not sugarcoating it with excellent English skills.


If you run a business, you are in a race that will never end. As Aubrey Marcus, the CEO of Onnit, explains, “Resources are finite, but the population is infinite” hence, innovating is the only key to survival. An entrepreneur is also an innovator who knows the worth of an idea and how to cash on it. They would have thought to expand by utilizing the available means and create a by-product that transforms a conventional practice for the better. And best entrepreneurs institute aim to create innovators.

Passion is the driving force

The most significant motivating factor to being a successful entrepreneur is the passion and love for an idea to bring it to life. An entrepreneur who is a good leader is also a visionary who blows the same motivation in their team. Since an idea consumes them to make it successful, they would efficiently communicate the same to their close-knit team in a company and inspire them to be driven.

Listen More, Speak Less

The best programs for entrepreneurship teach that as a business owner, one does not have to speak prim & proper English vocab. Instead, listening more to its customer/target audience would derive its success. It is more of a quality closely associated with keeping patience, and the quality comes in handy when leading employees and listening to their ideas or grievances.

Final Words

The entrepreneurial journey goes through a bumpy road wherein communication keeps the road steady, but the skill set of being an effective leader keeps the journey smooth. To know how MIDAS can help you be that entrepreneur, get in touch.