Being an entrepreneur means working relentlessly to overcome obstacles and achieve your goal. There are no shortcuts and it often means finding yourself as an army of one, taking care of multiple responsibilities by yourself simultaneously. Being at the forefront most of the time, you are the decision-maker and very often find yourself in a stressful position.  In such situations, you can end up having moments of self-doubt that can hamper your productivity. As a new business owner, improving your productivity is an absolute priority. That is a definite way to ensure growth and success. It is important to not get overworked and work smart to increase productivity. At first, it does seem difficult when you are trying to find the right work-life balance but here are a few simple tips to help you increase and maintain productivity:

Stay Organized

Every person has a time frame in which he or she is the most productive. You need to identify that part of the day and plan your daily schedule around it. It is important to have a schedule to be able to stay organized. A to-do- list and proper delegation of work help you work effectively and increase your productivity. Time management plays a crucial role in staying organized. To avoid wasting time, stay away from any distractions during your work hours. When you take a break to check your social media profiles or personal emails, you end up spending more time at office than you should. One must stay focused and minimize distractions

Have A Routine

Do not make the mistake to assume that because you are your own boss, you can work at your own convenience. Occasionally, for emergencies or other reasons, it is fine but on a daily basis, it is best to have a fixed routine. When you have a routine, you know what tasks lie ahead of your for the day and you can plan your day accordingly. Without a routine, you will end up trying to do more than you can or less than you should for that particular day.

Make Time For Yourself

As an entrepreneur, it is easy to get bogged down with the stress and responsibilities of running a new business. It is important for you to take some time for yourself. Depending on your comfort and choice, you can either remove 30 minutes to read a book/watch something of your choice or you can dedicate your weekend mornings to a good outdoor game.

Stay Healthy

For one to have optimum productivity, one has to be absolutely physically and mentally fit. It is necessary to stay healthy to avoid burnout or breakdown of any sort. Such instances hamper one’s productivity. To be able to stay healthy, you should have regular hours of sleep and 30-45 minutes of exercise every day without an excuse. This not only helps the body, but it also helps the mind. For a morning person, exercise before you begin work energizes you for the day ahead while for someone who prefers evenings, exercise proves to be a stress buster at the end of a long day. Choose your time of exercise and stick to it as much as possible to keep you healthy and thus productive.