Midas School of Entrepreneurship is a place where your entrepreneurial dreams can come to life. At Midas, each and every student starts with a business idea and graduates as a budding entrepreneur. However, at Midas it is not only about learning how to kickstart your own venture, it is an overall experience that transforms you as a person. Through the course of 11 months at Midas, along with learning about business, there are so many other experiences you will have that will make you discover your hidden talents and interests you didn’t know you had or have never explored fully. Apart from a stellar business course, Midas encourages many other fun activities and events that make your journey a memorable one:

Midas Bazaar:

After months of giving your time, effort, and emotions to building your business from scratch, it is a valuable feeling when you are given a chance and platform to showcase it and its potential to the world. Midas Bazaar is an event curated specially for the same. Here every student can display their final product/service to the market & panel of investors and get some valuable feedback for the same.

Amazing Campus:

As much importance is given to in-class atmosphere, we know the need for beautiful surroundings too. Midas campus has many facilities for the comfort and entertainment of our students along with ‘Tribe’ our residence partner. The campus has spacious classrooms with big windows that overlook the luscious garden. Along with that, there is a well-equipped gym, a games room, and an incubation center our students can use. One of the favourite hangout spots for our students is the canteen which they call their ‘E-Adda’ (Entrepreneurs Adda).

Midas Premier League:

One of the most loved and awaited events at Midas is the annual cricket tournaments call the Midas Premier League. Every year we invite our alumni who along with our current batch participate in a competitive game of cricket. During this time, everyone’s energy is high, spirits are soaring and it’s a good break for all. There are many other fun activities organized for team building and sportsmanship as well. There are exciting prizes for winners and everyone have their game faces on during the MPL

Events, Festival and Bootcamp:

Midas students are more than just batchmates. During those 11 months, everyone becomes a family, faculty included. We celebrate every culture and every festival with the same enthusiasm and joy. We don’t miss any opportunity to have fun, be it Valentine’s Day or Holi. Our students indulge in song and dance and a lot more during these festivities. Similarly, every year we arrange a full-blown adventure called Bootcamp where our students can enjoy nature at its best with activities like hiking and river rafting. Because who doesn’t like taking a break once in a while?

Life at Midas is a wholesome journey that comprises uncountable momentous experiences that helps you rediscover yourself and enter the world of business with a lot more confidence and buoyancy!