This is the final phase of the 11 month PGCM program, where all students get a chance to pitch their business ideas to a jury panel consisting of industry experts, investors, seasoned businessmen and the likes. Complete with a prototype, financial modelling, market analysis and business viability, this presentation is a chance for all graduates to educate potential investors about their journey that has been, and the path they wish to tread hereafter.
Outcome: A platform to put together the vision and roadmap of the business to established individuals in the business world.

MIDAS Seed Fund : The Board of MIDAS has committed a Seed Fund of Rs.2 Cr for student startups which are innovative and pass through the screening process.This is a great opportunity for students to go from early stage to seed fund & beyond. The fund disbursement is milestone based and is released to Startup in installments over a pre decided period.

Business Plan

Complete with the costs, finances, marketing tactics and team building, this is the final plan students need to make before stepping out into the business world.